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4 Chicks Cafe
Delivery/Takeout Menu
For takeout or delivery. We deliver within a 6 mile radius with a $25 minimum and a $1.99 online convenience charge. To place an order please click the link below.
Available: Mon - Sat 10am - 8pm; Closed Sunday
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4 Chicks Original Empanada
Beef, sweet plantains & cheese.
The Cuban Empanada
Pork, ham & cheese.
Jerk Chicken Empanada $3.00
Shredded Chicken Empanada $3.00
Beef Empanada $3.00
Chopped Cheese Empanada
Steak & cheese.
Cheese Empanada $3.00

Chip Bowls
Tortilla chips, cheese, corn medley, guacamole & sour cream. Add shrimp or fish for add'l charge.
Jerk Chicken Chip Bowl $10.95
Pulled Pork Chip Bowl $10.95
Grilled Steak Chip Bowl $12.95
Shredded Chicken Chip Bowl $10.95
Shredded Beef Chip Bowl $10.95

Burrito Bowls
Choice of rice, beans & plantains. Add sauce for add'l charge. Add extra meat for add'l charge.
Jerk Chicken Bowl $10.95
Pulled Pork Burrito Bowl $10.95
Grilled Steak Burrito Bowl $12.95
Shredded Chicken Burrito Bowl $10.95
Shredded Beef Burrito Bowl $10.95
Fried Fish Burrito Bowl $13.95
Fried Shrimp Burrito Bowl $13.95

3 flour or corn tortillas or hard shell, rice, beans & plantains. Add sauce for add'l charge.
Jerk Chicken Tacos $12.95
Shredded Beef Tacos $12.95
Pulled Pork Tacos $12.95
Grilled Steak Tacos $12.95
Shredded Chicken Tacos $12.95
Fried Shrimp Tacos $14.95
Fried Fish Tacos $14.95
Taco Salad
Lettuce, tomato, sour cream, guacamole, cheese & choice of shredded chicken or beef.

Carne Asada
Served with rice & beans.
Tacos Tradicionales
3 tacos of your choice.
Shrimp Tacos Traditionales (3) $15.95
Fish Tacos Traditionales (3) $15.95
Choice of chicken, beef or pork served with rice or rice & beans & French fries. Served with choice of sauce.
Hard Shell Tacos
Ground beef or chicken, lettuce, shredded cheese & tomatoes.
Shredded chicken or beef, red or green sauce, refried beans & rice.
Shredded chicken or beef with rice & beans.
Shredded beef or chicken with sour cream, guacamole & French fries.
Chicken or beef with rice & beans.

Side of White Rice $4.00
Side of Yellow Rice $4.00
Side of Yuca Fries $5.95
Side of Sweet Plantains $5.95
Fried Plantains $5.95
French Fries $3.95
Jalapeno Poppers
Add a side of dipping sauce for add'l charge.
Side of Queso $5.00
Soup of the Day
Call 973-823-8736 for daily selection & post choice in Special Instructions Field.
Chips & Salsa $5.95
Fresh Guacamole w/ Chips $7.95
Tortilla Chips $4.00

We Got the Sauce
Guacamole $2.00
4 Chicks Bang Sauce $.50
Garlic Aioli $.50
Curry Mustard $.50
Hot Sauce $.50
Guacamole $2
Salsa $.50
Sour Cream $.50

Sweet Treats
Tres Leches $5.95
Churros (6) $5.95

Morir Sonando
Frosted orange sweetened milk drink. Choice of ice, milk or orange juice.
Make your selection at time of pickup.
Country Club $3.00
Malta $3.00
Drip Coffee $3.00
Cafe con Leche $4.00
Herbal Tea
Make your selection at time of pickup.
Espresso Double Shot $2.75
Iced Coffee $3.00
Iced Latte $4.00
Brisk Iced Tea $2.00
Canned Soda
Choose from our selection.
Sprite Bottle $3.00
Seltzer $2.00
Bottled Water $2.00
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